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Burney’s Sweets and More is just that, more


Thanks to co-founders, Thomas and Doris Burney, and today’s proud owners, Gina and Michael. It started in 2011, with a dream for something even sweeter than retirement. A dream that would allow Thomas and Doris to sleep soundly after a hard day’s work of creating delicious treats and spreading joy.


The bakery was built in Elizabethtown, NC, on a solid foundation of high-quality baked goods and a warm, family-friendly atmosphere. Add a sprinkle of confectioners sugar and, voila! A place to escape your troubles, slow down, and enjoy a croissant. Perhaps the iconic, fried croissant (a true fan-favorite)... or maybe a dozen of the sophisticated donuts with artisanal fillings.


Quickly, news of Burney’s Sweets and More spread like buttercream icing, and everybody wanted a slice. By 2013 they had opened a second location in Southport, NC, and not long after that Burney’s Sweets and More became a household name with locations sprinkled across the state. Staying true to their origins, the Burney’s insisted on one thing all along: each new bakery must maintain not only the most delicious, perfectly crafted baked goods but also the spirit and atmosphere of that very first shop! A friendly and warm environment with a hard-working, smiling staff.


 When the Burney’s passed the torch to Gina and Michael, they knew that their wholesome bakery was in good hands. That’s why, to this day, every customer that walks through the door of a Burney’s Sweets and More enters as a guest and leaves as a friend!

Thank You For 8 Wonderful Years, And Many More to Come!

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